M.A.D.E by Grim

Glow Boss Aloe Spritzer

Formulated to add a beautiful glow to your skin without all the extra transfer of oils or shimmer. The Rose Gold shimmer specs are blended to perfection in our BOSS collection. This Aloe Vera shimmer spray is perfect for those who want to avoid the extra oils and have a more MATTE glow. Spray on our a “Black Lightening” beauty sponge (wet or dry) and apply all over face for a matte glow that will shine through all day. Use for a natural day glow or to enhance makeup look.

Packaged in our travel friendly spill proof spritzers, makes this gem perfect for on the go. Natural, vegan and cruelty free.

Note: These illuminating spritzers are slightly thicker in consistency to impact glow. To use as a facial shimmer either spray on sponge and rub into skin or add more water to your mixture to thin it out.

size: 1oz / 30ml
lifetime: 12 months