M.A.D.E by Grim


. How often should I wash my custom wig?
Units should be washed weekly in a warm water bath soak with moisture enriched shampoo. Only use wide tooth comb when conditioning

. Will i damage my hair if i use a blow dryer?
For longevity in your virgin hair, please refrain from using blow dryer. Air dry only with hair on mannequin head or hung on hanger so air may properly pass through

. What is a good installation process for a beginner wig wearer?
Application process: Use of holding spray or glue is fine. I suggest "Got 2 BeFreeze Blast Spray". First mold down any loose baby hair with pomade or gel, following up with the holding spray. Once complete dry, play around with your wig to see the most comfortable fit and lace placement. Placement of your wig should always be ahead of your hairline, especially is using glue. Next, take your spray and apply 2-3 coats, allowing each to dry completely before applying a new layer. For the third coat, allow it to dry to a tacky consistency before pulling your lace forward and pressing in with a comb. Apply a silk scraf or elastic band around hairline for additional 10-15mins to help lock the lace into place. Cut away excess lace and use alcohol to wipe away and excess spray.

. My lace is too light, how can i make it look more realistic?
For a scalp appearance when applying units, use of either a lace tint or your foundation color on the inside of your lace is perfect. If using foundation, be sure to lock the color into the lace with holding spray. Let dry then continue with application process

. How do i properly clean excess glue or spray off my lace?
To clean lace use conditioner and let sit on top of glued area or hair oil and use of a brillo sided sponge. Use of an actual lace glue remover spray, works better on removing the wig without hairline damage. Gently saturate the lace and rub until all excess glue, gel or holding spray has been lifted off.

. Are there any certain methods to do when using curling tools on wig?
When styling hair with hot tools, use a heat protectant of choice, prior to using any heat. This will maintain the luster and softness of your virgin hair, as well as protect any custom color applied.

. Can my lace get damaged by improper handling?
Yes, the lace can be damaged. Be gentle when styling the hair attached to your lace closure or frontal. If too rough you can cause balding and continuous shedding, as well as holes in your lace.

. Can my custom wig be colored easily?
For color services, I highly recommend sending the wig back in and booking the service, unless seeing another licensed professional. Ladies lets remember color is a one shot deal and you don't want to ruin the hair by not properly performing the task. Custom colors take a lot of skill and effort!

. How often do I need to book a wig revamp service?
If wearing your unit daily, I recommend sending it in every 2-3 months for a Revamp service (tracks tightened, deep cleanse wash & etc).