The Owner & Brand

Deandrea "Grim" Nesbitt was born and raised in Brooklyn and Southside Jamaica Queens.  At the start of her career, she spent that time growing her skill set and knowledge on handling different hair textures and styles, as well as teaching herself how to create custom wig units and apply makeup. While working in NYC Flatiron District she obtained her NY State Cosmetology License. This opportunity and location allowed for Deandrea to build a separate business, offering services to her clients in their high rise apartments and business offices.

The prime location of the Fashion District allowed Deandrea to network further, bringing her front and center of NYC Fashion Week as an hair stylist. Not only did networking open that door, but her skills and "right time, right place" attitude gave way for Deandrea to style her first celebrities, actress Mia Kurshner, as well as model Mercedes Sorte.  

A true hustler filled with ambition, the grind didnt stop.  Even during pregnancy, Deandrea continued to make strides in building clientele and partnerships throughout the city area. In April of 2015, Deandrea gave birth to her son Jax and officially left the salon and decided to move forward as a traveling hairstylist, working on her own time and schedule.

M.A.D.E by Grim stands for the key elements one needs to succeed: Motivation, Attitude, Determination and Energy. As owner and lead stylist of her business, Deandrea's makeup looks have been featured by High End makeup companies: Lashed Cosmetics, Milani Cosmetics, Black Opal, Black Radiance, Stilla, Buxom Cosmetics, Moira Cosmetics, Suva Beauty and more, along with women empowerment groups within the African American beauty community. Working as a wig maker locked in partnerships with hair companies for Model reviews and promotional ads: Nadula Hair and UNice Hair. These opportunities are what helped fuel M.A.D.E by Grim evole from services into products.

Feel free to visit our beauty collection if interested in grabbing some cruelty free and vegan skin products. All products are made with love and with sensitive skin in mind. Our collection ranges from shimmering oils, lip oils and glossy tints, scrub kits, collagen eye and lip masks, as well as as a few specialized tools that pair with plenty of the products. 

Besides beauty, Deandrea also owns Deandrea Nesbitt Photography, which offers photo and retouch services along with professional document creation, designing and editing. All services are created to help small businesses and entrepreneurs brand and build their business to a marketable level. Visit to inquire and learn more.