The Owner & Brand

M.A.D.E by Grim

The Owner & Brand

Deandrea , born and raised in Brooklyn and Southside Jamaica Queens, has always been a colorful child.  From the very beginning while attending Hair Design Institute she knew it was important to educate herself on as much as possible and figure out exactly what kind of stylist she wanted to embody. Under a great staff and teaching modules, she soaked up information like a sponge, allowing her to realize her versatile skills in hair, makeup and coloring techniques. At the end of her education she obtained her state licnese of Cosmetology in 2014.

While working as a hairstylist in NYC Flatiron District, Deandrea found growing opportunities and muses all around her. This location allowed for her to build a separate business, offering services to private clients in their homes and business offices. The fashion atmosphere of the Flatiron district allowed her to network further, bringing her front and center of NYFW as an hair stylist. Not only did networking open that door, but her skills and "right time, right place" attitude gave way for her to style her first celebrities; actress Mia Kurshner, as well as model Mercedes Sorte.  

A true hustler filled with ambition, the grind never stopped.  Even during pregnancy, Deandrea continued to make strides in building clientele and partnerships throughout the city area. Throughout the years following she has managed to work alongside designers, fashion events and shows as an active Hairstyist and Makeup artist in NY, Atlanta and the Miami area.

M.A.D.E acronym is a representation for her core beliefs and elements to success: Motivation, Attitude, Determination and Energy. As owner and lead director of all things Glamour, Deandrea's personal style in the beauty industry has granted her social features from High End makeup companies such as; Lashed Cosmetics, Milani Cosmetics, Black Opal Beauty, Black Radiance, Stilla Cosmetics, Buxom Cosmetics, Moira Cosmetics, Suva Beauty and many more.

With strong passions to move forward in instructing Glam services to aspiring artists and stylist, she works hard on always sharpening her skill set with personal growth and artist seminars, networking within the field and refresher courses.